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"Rules as Code" is an innovative approach to choosing, writing, and following rules in the public sector and beyond. It calls for encoding rules as early as possible, in interdisciplinary ways, turning human expertise into a re-usable digital asset that provides trustworthy automated and expert-validated reasoning about how those rules apply to individuals and populations.

Lexpedite helps governments, organizations, and forward-thinking professionals explore and create the future of Rules as Code and Computational Law by designing, prototyping, and testing novel tools and techniques based on the latest symbolic and generative AI technologies.

Success Stories

This blog post from Canada's Digital Service describes a project where Natural Resources Canada worked alongisde the Canada School of Public Service to encode various regulations in our Rules as Code tool Blawx. Those encodings were then used in building a prototype that would advise new mine applicants what permits were required under multiple different legislative regimes.

This repository describes a project undertaken at the Public Health Agency of Canada DataHub to explore whether our Rules as Code tool Blawx could be used to encode portions of Canada's Privacy Act. It also explored whether that encoding could be used to power a prototypical AI chatbot that would the Blawx encoding to answer questions about the Privacy Act accurately, explainably, based on human-validated reasoning, and without hallucinating.